We Buy Used Hot Tubs

If your hot tub has commercial value, we may be interested in purchasing it, or we can sell it for you on consignment.

In order to determine if your tub is something we'd be interested in acquiring, we need to know:

-the location (city and address or nearest crossroads)
-age (there should be a plaque on it somewhere showing a manufacturing date)
-size (length, width, height)
-brand name (& model, if known)
-condition (when was it last used? Any problems, wood rot, leaks or rats?)
-removal access (What is the path like between the pad and the truck?)
-your "bottom dollar" asking price for the tub (we really do need to know - please don't ignore this important question)

It would also be very helpful if you sent pictures of the following:
-the hot tub itself (uncovered jetted shell, skirt/cabinet, pumps/controls)
-placement context (eg: wood, gravel or concrete pad, sunk in, free-standing, elevated, etc.)
-Access: Will the tub have to go "on-end" to fit thru narrow spaces? Any height/width restrictions, contours, inclines, steps, trees/plants uneven surfaces or unstable terrain, etc?

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