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Hot Tub Removal Services

A standard hot tub removal typically costs about the same as a hot tub delivery would cost (typically $400), plus proper home electrical deactivation if applicable (typically $100), and processing/recycling/disposal fees (typically $200).

We may lower the cost or even do it for free if the hot tub is in exceptionally good condition and/or if the access is unusually easy.  We reserve the right to charge extra if the access is especially difficult and/or if the hot tub needs to be removed in peices.

This is what we typically do when we remove a hot tub from a back yard:*

-travel to the pick-up address

-set out traffic cones and/or signs if truck/trailer affects traffic flow

-turn off the power and disconnect the wiring at the spa pack

-bilge & vacuum out the residual water in the tub and plumbing

-disconnect the plumbing fittings at the pump(s)  
-remove unfastened/unsecured parts & equipment from tub

-remove the GFCI breaker in the house, and disconnect/cap/tuck away the live wires in the panel.

-safely remove or cap the armoured cable between the electrical panel and the tub

-deal appropriately with any insect or rodent infestation in the tub (eg: termite colonies, wasp hives, squirrel/mouse/rat nests, etc.)
-remove the tub, cover, equipment and cabinet/cladding using specialized equipment (whole or in pieces)
-place the tub and hot tub related equipment onto trailer and secure the load for travel
-clean up, including any dead rodents, feces and/or rotting debris under tub

-sweep/vacuum/hose off the pad
-disinfect contaminated area(s) with eco-friendly products

-gather any chemicals and accessories associated with the hot tub

-bring the junk tub to our recycling station to process as described on page 3

If you want us to provide you with an estimate, or if you are considering doing the job yourself, you could hire someone to come by in person to teach you how to remove the tub yourself and give you an exact quote for us to do the job for you, but you’ll be charged a $95 call-out fee plus $75 for the consultation. The $75 consultation fee is reimbursed if you decide to use our services. 

However, you can save your money and spare us the trip by emailing us the information:

-Location: the address or crossroads where the tub is located

-Hot tub specs: brand name, size, sunk-in or free-standing 
-Hot tub condition: functional? rotting skirt? rodent-infested?
-Removal access: ie: what is the path like between the pad and the truck?

It would also be very helpful if you sent pictures of the following:
-the hot tub itself (uncovered jetted shell, skirt/cabinet, pumps/controls)
-placement context (eg: wood, gravel or concrete pad, sunk in, free-standing, elevated, etc.)
ccess: Will the tub have to go "on-end" to fit thru narrow spaces? Any height/width restrictions, contours, inclines, steps, trees/plants uneven surfaces or unstable terrain, etc?

To set up an appointment or to discuss your situation in more detail:
Phone or Text: 604 787-4441

* (when applicable, as needed)

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