Here is some feedback we've received from clients over the years.  We think you may find them interesting and informative.

From Jill in White Rock:

Are you OK? Still swollen from the wasp bites?
...I was horrified to see all those dead rats and live [baby rats] squiggling in their nest! Thank you for cleaning up and leaving no trace of that monster tub that took up so much space in our yard!
You're my hero!

From David in Vancouver:

Thank you again for doing such a brilliant job on the hot tub move. I realize that my backyard was an especially difficult challenge, and I admire your willingness and ability to take on this job.

It was amazing for me to see how something so beastly was handled with such finesse and skill. When I offered to help, I was prepared to break a sweat and get dirty, but your special equipment and expert handling techniques made it all so easy that I barely had to do bugger all. In fact I actually quite enjoyed myself in spite of the bad weather.

From Zhan in North Vancouver

Thank you for a job well done.  You were very professional.  I will definitely call you again and will recommend you to my fellow real estate agents.

From Michael in West Vancouver:

You guys are amazing! I can’t believe you pulled this one off! I thought for sure we’d need a 200-foot crane truck, but thanks to your creative problem-solving, we got er’done!...

From Jason in Abbotsford:

Hi, I’m inquiring about your hot tub moving services again. I talked to you a couple weeks ago but me and four friends decided to try doing it ourselves last week and we almost got ourselves killed... One of my friends used to move grand pianos back in the day, so he figured that a hot tub shouldn’t be much diffrent (sic), so we made an oversize dolly - cost us a couple hundred bucks in materials and a Sunday afternoon to create & assemble. Long story short, we somehow managed to get it stuck, wedged between me and my neighbour’s house at a 45 degree angle, and we can’t budge it. It’s bending the fence and touching both my wall and my neighbour’s wall. My neighbour is furious. Not a very good first impression as his new neighbours. Can you help us get it unstuck? If so, how soon can you do it? 

From Jeff in Langley:

Just thought I’d let you know that we decided to hire some movers out of craigslist, what a joke! They didn’t know how to undo the electrical, so I had to call my electrician friend over to disconnect the wiring, remove the GFI breaker and cap the cable. The guy I bought the hot tub from was mad at me because the guys I hired left his lawn all torn up and muddy, and they broke his wall lamp, which they deny having done.

When they lifted the tub, there were a bunch of dead rats and gross sludge left on the pad, which they said wasn’t their problem...

The tub arrived with a damaged panel, and a missing filter cover which apparently came off somewhere along the highway.

[at our end] at one point they almost lost control of the tub when it was on the dolly. Jen got so stressed that she had to leave. When we went to hook up the plumbing, we noticed the O-rings were missing as well as one of those lever things that control the air flow in the jets – must have came off while they were moving the tub on its side. I had to get my electrician friend to hook it up properly. Now that I have the tub up and running, I realize that the [bleeping] tub is leaking from several places. I have removed 2 of the panels and dug through the foam and found leaks at two jets, plus there’s another mysterious leak that I can’t tell exactly where the water is coming from. I’m also afraid that there might be a leak on the opposite side of the tub, against the wall.

I know you warned me [that this could happen if the tub wasn’t moved properly], but hey these guys cost less than you and I’m a cheap [bleeper]. Next time I’ll be sure to go with someone experienced and insured.

Anyways, can you get me a filter cover replacement, one of those lever dials and three cedar slats (see attached photos) and come by to fix the plumbing? And do you have any advice on how to get rid of the bad smell?

From Keefer in South Surrey:

I gotta tell ya that it feels wrong to pay someone $750 for just a few hours work but the truth is that after watching you work, I know there's no way I could have done that on my own and my wife is so grateful I didn't try. We are relieved to have the tub gone and thank you for your services.

From Hillary from Langley:

Thank you soooo much for the consultation!  Although we are disappointed by the verdict, Ted and I are very relieved that we got excellent advice as to how to proceed.  You saved us from wasting thousands of dollars on this venture!

FYI: We also know of a would-be client who tried doing it himself and lost control of the tub and severely damaged his neighbor's new car (they had hated each other even before this incident)!  And on a more serious note, we heard of a hot tub delivery guy in BC that died last year when a hot tub fell on him.  So please be very careful if you attempt to move a hot tub yourself!

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