Hot Tub Inspections, Consultations

If you are unsure of the value or condition of your hot tub ("Is it worth anything?  Is it worth fixing or trying to sell?  Will it survive a relocation?  Should I just dispose of it or replace it?  What's involved in having it removed?"), you might want to consider hiring us to do an inspection/appraisal/consultation.

This involves someone going over the hot tub "with a fine tooth comb" to figure out the quality, condition, value, parts availability and transportability of the tub. We explain the things that require immediate attention and point out the things it may need in the near future, and suggest several options to consider (including repair, selling it yourself, having us sell it for you, disposal or replacement) and explain the cost and risk associated with each of those choices.


If you want to hire us for this service, it will cost you $75 plus a $95 call-out fee (if local).  If we agree on us purchasing the tub from you, or if you end up buying a hot tub from Hot Tubs Galore to replace it, we will reimburse you the full amount as a credit toward the purchase.

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