Please note this is an informal personal note written by the company owner, Steve Anonby, not really part of the official website. 

Hot Tub Recycling .Com is the only real professional business in BC dedicated specifically to hot tub removal and recycling, but obviously there are others willing to do this kind of work. 

I confess that this page has an ugly tone, and I'm reluctant to publish it, but I'm not sure what other recourse I have. If you feel this page is inappropriate, please let me know, and if you have any advice or insights, I'd appreciate your contacting me.

It would make sense that hot tub moving is not the kind of work that “the good people of the world” would normally get into.  Many of them are reckless, unprofessional and uninsured. They are often disorganized, ill-equipped, have less-than genius IQ's and can be downright dangerous.

The above paragraph may sound mean-spirited and snobby, and maybe it is, more than I care to admit, but it comes from personal experience and observation, not assumptions and imagination. 

Let me give you an example:


Below is a “cut & paste”  from a series of emails we received.  I have not changed or added anything to these emails except for the swearing and the ad title, as to protect the competitor’s identity – this is a perfectly accurate word-for-word rendition of the conversation, complete with the misspelling and poor grammar and bad punctuation.

You want to steal my add [expletive]. The next tub you come look at could be me take your add off now or it is war. I have 5 huge x cons that work for me. If you steal work from them I'm sure you will meet them, [expletive]. Have a good one.


Our response:
Whaaaat?  We've been posting this ad for over ten years, almost word-for-word - first with Buy & Sell, now with Craigslist!  I don't understand...?


Bud. I have been useing this for 4 years. Take it down or els bud. You don't want to [expletive] with how we make a living. Know you know. 


Our Response:
You're seriously insulting us and threatening us over the wording of a classified ad?[This] has been our trademark header for over ten years now, even before Craigslist replaced Buy & Sell!  We used [symbols] with Buy & Sell because alphabetically, it would come before any letters so we’d be listed first.


Look bud. I have been on hear for 4 years with that head line. If you look on cl hot tubs for the last 3 months its all me. I clam that head Line  as mine. People know me by that and will tell there friends to email me for jobs and to fined me using that head line. This one is taking. If you can't do that. Then it's war. And I will not lose trust me.


Our response:
…we’re certainly not declaring war, as war is ugly for everyone involved. But simply demanding we pull our ad isn't going to work.  I agree that two people posting the same ad isn't right, and we should figure out what to do about it.  

Can you think of any sensible mature suggestions besides "pull your ad or I'll beat you up?"

He proceeded to call me on the phone pretending to be someone wanting to sell me some hot tubs and I managed to negotiate an agreement to prevent things from escalating (my past experience as a prison chaplain helped me reason with him).

But the attacks on our company continue, sometimes on the sly. It seems suspicious that our single ad keeps getting flagged for removal on Craigslist yet they have LOTS of ads that never get flagged, and we've had bogus bad reviews posted by people who were never our clients - hmmm....

So, rather than getting into a flagging war or worse, we’re passive/aggressively posting this information on our website so that people know what's going on.


Again, please let me know if you think this page is inappropriate, and I welcome any insights or advice as how to handle this situation...


Steve Anonby (owner of Hot Tub Recycling .Com)

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