For a hot tub to be professionally deactivated/removed, brought to our recycling station and processed for recycling/disposal, the cost usually ranges from anywhere between $500 - $800. 

Just to give you some perspective, hot tub stores typically pay us about $500 to deliver a new hot tub to their clients.

New tubs are more resilient than used tubs, and come foam padded and shrink-wrapped on a pallet.  Used tubs are more brittle and in some cases, saturated insulation can cause a used hot tub to weigh three or four times as much as a new tub.

Removing and recycling or relocating a used tub is much more complicated, difficult, risky, dangerous and time consuming than delivering a new tub from a store to the client.  So obviously the price is going to reflect that.  

We welcome you to email us requesting an estimate.  If you cannot justify the expense of having us do the job for you, we may be willing to meet with you (page 5) to explain  how to do it yourself and rent you our specialized equipment.  

But unless you feel very confident in your intuition and ability, we strongly advise you not to attempt moving a hot tub without the proper equipment and technique (see page 7 for some examples why).

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