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Hot Tub Moving, Relocation

The cost to relocate a hot tub is typically about the same as it would cost to have one delivered (typically $400), times two. Because essentially, it's the same amount of work as doing two deliveries. 

Actually, it's more work because used hot tubs require more careful handling than new ones which typcally come shrink-wrapped in protective packaging, and used hot tubs are typically more brittle than new ones.  

We may lower the price if the hot tub is execeptionally small and/or if the access is very easy at both ends.  And we reserve the right to charge extra if the access is more difficult than normal and/or if the hot tub is unusually large and heavy. 

This is what we typically do when we move a used hot tub:*

-travel to the pick-up location with truck, trailer and moving equipment
-set up pylons or detour signs on road if our parking affects traffic

-travel to the pick-up address with truck-full of specialized moving equipment

-create ramps, lay down plywood, set up winch/rails

-empty the tub and pipes/hoses of residual water to lighten it and reduce strain on plumbing

-disconnect the plumbing

-disconnect the electrical& deactivate the home electrical if applicable ($100 fee)

-pad the tub to protect it from abrasion and impact damage

-use jacks, air bladders and winches as needed to remove the tub and place it on a the dolly

-clean the pad (area under tub), remove bio-hazardous waste & disinfect the area

-move the tub, cover, equipment and cabinet/cladding out of the yard and onto the truck/trailer

-remove and set aside the bits and parts that may fall off or shake loose while traveling

-travel to the drop-off address

-set up pylons or detour signs on road

-create ramps, lay down plywood, set up winch/rails

-bring in the replacement tub and place it on the pad

-re-assemble and replace the parts that were removed& set aside for travel

-connect the plumbing

-walk you through instructions & tips on hot tub operation and maintenance (if desired)

-suggest and offer equipment and product options that you may be interested in acquiring for your hot tub 

If you want us to provide you with an estimate, or if you are considering doing the job yourself, you could hire us to come by in person to explain how you might remove the tub yourself and give you an exact quote for us to do the job for you, but you’ll be charged a $65 call-out fee to each address (point a & point b), plus $75 for the consultation. The $75 consultation fee is reimbursed if you decide to use our services. 

However, you can save your money and spare us the trip by emailing us the information:
1. Location: the address of point a and point b.
2. Hot tub specs: brand name, age, size?

3. Hot tub condition: functional? rotting skirt? rodent-infested?
4. Removal access: anything we should know about the access that won't show in pictures?

It would be very helpful if you sent pictures of the following:
1. The hot tub shell (uncovered tub, to see the layout and jetting)
2. The cabinet (the skirting, from all sides if possible)
3. The equipment (the pumps, electronics and topside control)

And we'll need pictures of the access of both point a and point b.
1. Placement context (eg: sitting on wood, gravel or concrete pad, sunk in, free-standing, elevated, tucked in a corner, etc.)
2. A
ccess: (please send a series of frame-by-frame pictures from the tub to the road showing every linear foot of travel between the pad and the truck).

This will help us understand: Will the tub have to go "on-end" to fit thru narrow spaces? Any height/width restrictions, contours, inclines, steps, trees/plants uneven surfaces or unstable terrain, etc?

Once we know what kind of a hot tub we're dealing with and what kind of access we have to work with, we can figure out what kind of technique, equipment and manpower will be needed to do the job and understand the difficulty/risk factor and quote you accordingly.


To book us in or to discuss your situation in more detail:
Phone or Text: 604 787-4441

* (when applicable, as needed)

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