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Hot Tub Recycling and Disposal

This is typically what we do once the hot tub arrives at our recycling centre:*

-unload the tub from the trailer and place it in our designated processing station
-remove the pump/motor, electronics, blower, topside control, ozonator, wiring, jets, pillows, filters, skimmer weirs, valves etc. from the hot tub.
-dismantle the cabinet/skirting to access what's underneath
-scrape off the foam insulation to expose the framing and plumbing
-remove the plumbing and cut into smaller pieces
-disassemble the frame and cut longer timbers into shorter lengths

-break the shell up into small pieces

-take apart the cover and separate the Styrofoam, vinyl, plastic and aluminum
-sort the various materials and re-use what we can, recycle what we can and dispose of the rest in an environmentally responsible manner

-drop off any toxic/hazardous/contaminated/prohibited materials (chemicals, insulation, electronics, biological waste, etc.) at the proper facilities, as regulations dictate

If you need your tub disposed of and are willing and able to remove your hot tub yourself, we welcome you to drop it off at our recycling centre. If you bring the hot tub to us, the recycling fee is typically $150-$300, depending on the tub. 

Please let us know if you plan to bring the tub to us or if you would like us to remove it for you.  

If you want us to do the removal, please refer to page 2.
If you plan to bring your tub to our recycling centre, we can give you an estimate for the recycling/disposal fee if you email us pictures of the following:
-hot tub shell (uncovered view of seating and jets)
-Skirting (all four sides if possible)
-equipment (pump/motor, spa pack, electronics) 

* (when applicable, as needed)

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