Hot Tub Removal, Hot Tub Disposal, Hot Tub Recycling in the Vancouver BC area since 1997

What We Do

We do relocations (page 4), consultations (page 5) and we occasionally buy used hot tubs (page 6) but we mostly do removals and disposals (pages 2 & 3).


We are members of the Recycling Council of BC (, working with the Province of BC, Metro Vancouver, Wastech and Return-It, to reduce waste and encourage recycling.


We are BC’s only dedicated hot tub recycling station. City municipalities, transfer stations, and junk removal companies often contact us for hot tub removal and disposal issues.


As our province’s “green” agenda intensifies, landfill and transfer station regulations are becoming increasingly regulated and restrictive. Gone are the days when we could kick a hot tub off the back of a truck at the local dump and drive away.


The environmental impact of discarding an old hot tub is significant. Hot tubs are made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, fiberglass, plastics, wood, metals, electronics and different kinds of insulation. Hot tubs can be dismantled and many of the components can be recycled or even re-used or repurposed. The remaining materials are then disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


Before we can run a hot tub through that process, we first need to deactivate/disconnect it, remove it from its place and bring it to the recycling station in Port Kells, Surrey.


There is a lot more involved in deactivating/removing a hot tub than you might think, and nobody is better at it or knows more about it than we do.  Not including trucks/trailers, we have over $100,000.00 worth of hot tub moving tools and equipment.  Having moved thousands of hot tubs, we invented and custom-built specialized hot tub handling equipment for maximum safety and efficiency.

Despite the difficulty, risk and danger involved, we have an excellent track record for success and safety, but we are well-insured in the unlikely event that something goes terribly wrong.



To book us in or discuss your situation with us:
Phone or Text: 604 787-4441

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